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Hike through history
nature, and landscapes
in the southern Marche region.


    We couldn’t stand and look towards the future with uncertainty, so we wrote about it.

    The Grande Anello dei Borghi Ascolani (GABA) is a great loop that combines nature, history, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient aura. A 100 km (62 mi.) long excursion through magnificent hamlets and villages at the foot of the Ceresa mountain range and the Monti Gemelli, located in the municipalities of Ascoli Piceno, Venarotta, Roccafluvione, and Acquasanta Terme. In the timeless silence of these medieval hamlets and villages, among the ruins of ancient castles and solitary hermitages, this excursion becomes an all-round experience, as you get to know one of the most fascinating places in the Marche region.

    warning: this is a medium difficulty hiking trail - E level of the CAI scale; the route has mixed fund (dirt roads, mule tracks and paths), short stretches steep uphills, section of rock not exposed, not particularly demanding (no more than 1000 metres uplevel for each stage), but require adequate physical preparation, sense of direction, and above all suitable footwear and equipment.


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    Guide and Literary Journal

    So what exactly is the Grande Anello dei Borghi of Ascoli? It’s certainly not just an excursion of just over 100 km (62 mi.) in 7 stages, to be covered on foot or by bike, through the municipalities of Ascoli Piceno, Venarotta, Acquasanta Terme, Comunanza, Roccafluvione, and Montegallo. It’s not only trails that pass through magnificent hamlets and villages, or enchanted woods, where you’ll meet locals who are eager to share their stories, or where you can take a swim in the sulphurous pools of Lu Vurghe. It’s not only the hospitality you’ll encounter at the watermills, late-evening dances, or the allure and mystery of the mythical Sybil of the Apennines. It’s not only being involved in other projects, such as the Mulattiere Acquasanta: effort, love, and sweat. No, it’s not just all of this...



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    Signposts and Markings

    The installation of signposts and markings along the trails has been completed.

    Download GPS traces

    GPS traces of the trails in a hiking and mountain bike version can now be downloaded by entering the pages of each Stage.

    Signposted loop

    The installation of signposts and markings indicating the locations and relevant hiking times is completed.

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    Great moments, great emotions. A unique adventure, full of fun and spirit.

    Mulattiere Acquasanta

    The ancient mule tracks of the Acquasanta area. History at nature’s pace.

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